Monday, December 8, 2008

I am the student

I saw this poem and even before i could read it entirely i fell in love with it. It says alot and i think it is very well put together, it was under a thread in Takingitglobal called raw poetry.

It feels raw too, saying things that others may be too afraid to say. The author is madeleine meyers aka waterspirte. I am also a member of Takingitglobal and you can find my profile and some of my literary work there are well.

I Am the Student

I am the student
I am the learned deceived
The dreamer not permitted to achieve
I am the disciplined kept on a leash
The one biting my tongue not licensed to speak
I am the oppressed, the tyrannized, the victimized-wishing to be free
I wish behind gates where I’ve been penalized
My age is the crime for which I’ve been institutionalized
I am the pupil
The follower, the listener
The prisoner, analyzed, corrected, improved, then approved
The taught with a thousand censored thoughts
I am the listless puppet whose limbs move wherever they aught
I am the child, the adolescent, the youth
The pet taught to be passive
If I do not heed I will face rebuke
I see the way I am supposed to see
And speak the way I am supposed to speak
I assume my position and am where I am required to be
I must be discrete not to displease
I am the slave told I am free

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Jae said...

WOW!!.. Thats a powerful poem. Coming from both the perspective of a teacher.. and a student.