Monday, December 15, 2008

Dominican in Beijing

She's the sister of a good friend of mine. Her sister and I were on training in Japan for about a month so i know of her story, just want to share it with whoever reads my blog. It is always good to spread the word about the successes of fellow Dominicans all over the globe.

When Alix Honore stepped off the plane in Beijing she was completely overwhelmed, not so much by the 20-hour flight, the transfer and stop off, or the idea that she, at 19, was about to embrace a culture and education system so different from her own, but more so by the size of the airport.

But Honore arrived in 2005. Beijing International Airport's Terminal 3, like the Bird's Nest, was just a blue print and Athens rather than Beijing was still considered the Olympic city. Things have changed dramatically.

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Anonymous said...

Just read this article this morning. Great story.
I really enjoy your blog,Jetzzz.Thanks for the good read

Maureen said...

Excellent article...