Monday, July 7, 2008

Where's my guardian angel

Wrote this one last week, was in a lil depressed state and started to write, i guess it was channeled through my writing, hope it is enjoyed.

Where’s my guardian angel?
It’s not my time
But the moment seems so right
Walking on the beach watching sunsets
My day is over as the sun sets
My thoughts are cloudy gray
Where’s the silver lining of this dismay
The sun wasn’t shining on me today
Everything positive feels so far away

Searching for elusive comfort
Finding illusive consorts
I don’t mind dying not knowing true love
For promised treasures lie above
Above and beyond I often dream
Life isn’t all that it seems
Happy fleeting moments surround days of despair
My place of serenity, of sanctity, where or where?

Things are getting harder before better
Where are the examples to live by?
Who is to teach me wrong from right?
When best to love, when to fight?
My life seems this long parable
Where’s my guardian angel?
Are you truth or just fable?

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