Friday, July 4, 2008

les vacances

after a very hectic first half of the year, im taking the first week of the second half of 2008 for myself. I have disappeared to an almost secret location, doing nothing but sleeping, listening to music, the ocassional stroll and a lil poetry to keep the skills sharp:
here is a taste of what i've been cooking up (work in progress):
I'm Ready
I'm ready to be the man you need
having your love, my only greed
so as our story continues to be told
like prophecies, you and I as lovers foretold
one can hide, one can run
I wont rest till your love i've won

Be with me girl, standing side by side
for this is a thrilling journey, one unique ride
be my partner, be my equal
for this love is original
and there will be no sequels
no doubles, no fakes, no clones
I want your love, yes, all to my own

this mini-vacance is doing me well, i havent put on a pound, well i never could but right now i feel so relaxed, i know there's alot waiting for me when i get back but cant think about that right now so until you hear from me i have the rest of this week all to myself...

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