Friday, July 18, 2008

Things I collect

currently I am collecting post cards and flags of countries. my postcard collection spans many countries and many interests but most particularly natural sites and cultural depictions. However my flags of countries collection hasnt been as prosperous in numbers particulary because I only collect flags from countries I have visited. I have flags from mainly carribean countries and a few african countries but im still in need of more to fully get my target, I only started to collect flags after I had made some visits so I am missing some flags of countries that I have traveled to, for example:


if you can provide me with flags from any of these countries, i would be deeply grateful. if you are interested then just reply to this post and we can start discussions.

Just send them to 56 Lime Street, Bath Estate, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica or for more information check out my facebook page


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Mekeysha said...

oh so i should thing u get the vincy flag right, oh well i see if i get the barbados flag fro u when i go there.