Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One Day One Goal Campaign for World Peace Day 2008

Every year over 190 member countries of the United Nations are encouraged to celebrate World Peace Day. This movement, spearheaded by Peace One Day, has been recognized in Dominica by the National Association of Youth in Agriculture (NAYA), the Nature Island Youth Alliance (NIYA) and other youth groups since 2006.

This year, NAYA is partnering with DBS Radio to host a football match at the Newtown Football Field on Sunday 21st, September. Preparations are on its way and the outlook is bright for a fun-filled, entertaining, awareness-raising activity. Football matches will take place all over the world on that day in the "One Day, One Goal Campaign."

A halftime show including songs, poetry and/or dance promoting peace and standing against violence and conflict will also form part of the activity. Persons wishing to perform or show off their skills are asked to contact the Executive of the NAYA at the Division of Agriculture, Botanic Gardens, Roseau, at email: or (767) 265 5755 or just contact me through my blog here.

The football match will hopefully be broadcast live on DBS Radio and i will provide a updates and a link to their website once everything is finalized. We need as much support as possible to make this happen


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