Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Life's Wonders

This is a poem by a fren of mine name shennel from St. Lucia. I love it and i just think it touches on a lot of things we take for granted everyday and it shows why we need to sometimes stop what we are doing during our busy day and notice what is actually going on around us with nature, other people and stop being so self-consumed. The world is much more than what directly affects us on the daily. So many intricacies are involved in this web that is the Mother Earth.

A baby's laugh
A rainbow after the rain
the sound of the ocean
so soothing, relaxing
The stillness of night
The view from the top of a mountain
The smell of wild flowers
all of these are little wonders of life
they happen everyday
we take them for granted everyday
take the time today to listen to a baby's laugh
take the time today to hear the ocean
take the time today to smell the flowers
take the time today to enjoy at least one of life's wonders.

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