Friday, July 25, 2008

what's in a tag line?

When taken out of context, some of the best inspiration can come from the Hallmark card aisle and television commercials. Case in point, an ad from GMC trucks, which proudly proclaims:"Amateurs work until they get it right. Professionals work until they can't get it wrong."so i've borrowed this line as one of the mottos i live by, the other one i like to read is above my desk at work and it has to do with our greatest fear being the feeling of being powerful beyond measure. there are a few things i live by, this two above and the fact that i should live my life like there is no tomorrow, remind myself that i am on earth for a purpose greater than i can comprehend, that i am a servant of the world who came to leave it better than how i met it, if not then i would have failed on my mission.i believe i was called unto the earth to strive for action, to assist persons from escaping their inner poverty, to free them from self-oppression and other things which keep them from self development, from reaching true potential, i am here to point out not just the obstacles that other people put infront of them, but those that they themselves put to hinder their own progress.i am not perfect in this, for i too am victim of putting obstacles in my way, but it is all a learning process, a process that will take me a lifetime to perfect, a process i am willing to live for, a process i will complete before the good Lord takes me home.Dee

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