Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Powerful beyong measure?

Are we powerful beyong our own belief? if it is true that the normal human being only uses 10% of his brain's capacity to function on a daily basis, what is to stop us from using the rest? and what will we be capable of achieving once we do. I prefer to look at the positive sides to this like feeding the world, caring diseases and other such things instead of creating WMD and other ills that tend to bring us on the path of destruction.

If we are truly powerful to thta extent then our future really lies within the palm of our hands, we may not know the future but we have enough knowledge to influence it by our present actions, we are capable of setting the ground work for future generations to take the right steps to better our world, we may not save the world but we might just spark the mind that will achieve the social advancements that we all want to see; world peace, equality, food for all and all the other ideals in the utopian world that we always dream about.the perfect world doesnt exist but in each of us, we have the power to create our perfect situation, a situation where we are in total calm, serenity and in a happiness that cant be disturbed by selfish world leaders who sole aim on the world is to become world powers instead of world leaders.

What happens to this world will remain a mystery but we can word towards its betterment, we can strive to leave this world in a better way than we left it, this should be our driving force, what we strive for, so at the end of our lifetime, we can say we made a difference, a positive difference, as insignificant or minute as we may feel it is, it might just create a change in the person that will make the big improvments in the world. let's just be the change we want to see in the world.Delroy

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