Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Peace Day Poem

Wrote this poem in 2006 and performed it at the Hands Across Botanic Gardens Peace Day celebrations that NAYA was having to recognize World Peace Day. For more info on World Peace Day or Peace One Day go to:

These words

These words speak of youth
Of zeal, of enthusiasm
Cry out from neglect
From inexperience, from pretence
These words speak of truth
Of peace, of brotherhood
Cry out from war
From poverty, from treachery
But these words are strong

These words are formed from loyalty
From warmth, from love, from fraternity
Based on tolerance, on union, on bond
Thrives in diversity
Disturbed by dislike
Suffers because of hate
However these words, move on

These words pierce likes arrows
They cut the heart
Call out for justice
Scream out from conflict
Squeal from being suppressed
Bawling for the oppressed
They shout out for action
Not reactions
And these words carry on

These words need devotion
Need affection
Need to be received
To be embraced
Not displaced
Not erased
Yes, these words go on

These words should be stored
Should be loved
Needs freedom from strife
Thrives where there is life
Needs to be communicated
The message disseminated
These words speak of decisions
They see no conclusion
These words shall forever live on

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