Thursday, July 24, 2008

I am

This poem is actually about me, i hope that persons who read this poem see me through it and that persons who already know me related to it, that's my only wish for this one.

I am
a human
touched by nature
captive as its audience
lost in its beauty;
I've learned through experiences
gotten hurt by actions,
I love through words
showing care and concern

I am
a man
perfect in my imperfections
misguided in my actions
though with good intentions
strong on the exterior
needling help with my fragile interior
boastful in my ways
timid throughout my days

I am
a boy
supportive of my sisters
role model to my peers
in a time of confusion
my mother's arm: a pure sanctum
in my time of weakness
my father's shoulder: sheer strength

I am
me, myself and I
unique because I am me
exactly what, whom I choose to be
cry when I’m hurt
smile while I flirt
I am human, a man, a boy
I am Delroy

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