Tuesday, April 7, 2009

the joy of ludo

My family isn’t like any other but in many ways it probably is like yours. we have our fights but we have our good times too. Some of the fights turn violent too, with even a show of blood shed on accasions.

But all that changes from time to time, when we get across from each other on the Ludo board. Ludo has been a part of our family for over twenty years, I remember learning to play around the age of five.

On any given day, if you take a walk on my street in Bath Estate, you can hear screams, it may even be described as howling, but don't be afraid it may just be me, my aunt or one of my cousins celebrating kicking out a player from the board or winning the game. And the beauty of it is that we play in front of our house, in the open for all our neighbours and friends to hear. Some of our neighbours have even been known to join us.

Oh how we have graduated from ludo being just a causal game, to the competitive spirit that now arises every time the board, die and markers are taken out from its hiding place. It has to be hidden else the kids would probably lose the markers and that would surely cause a catastrophy. And according to my aunts, he who spares the rod, spoils the child...

But in ludo, it's actually an eye for an eye... you kick me out, watch out because I will be back to kick you out of the game.


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