Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lucky 7: HELL NO

Seven might be a lucky number to some but yesterday it was pure hell. I've been to the Boiling Lake six times, well seven now since i made the journey yesterday as NAYA organized a hike to the second largest lake of its kind in the world. I think the largest is found in New Zealand or so my 11 year old niece told me.

Well the lake is found in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, which is also a recognized World Heritage Site by UNESCO. We set off from Roseau around 7:40 and took about one hour to get to the start of the trail (they really need to finish the road improvement works, it takes forever to get to Laudat). We started the hike at 8:42 after a quick group photo and prayer.

Everything was routine and just the way I remembered it from 5 years ago, the last time I hiked to the lake. Although alot had changed since the last time I saw it, it was even recorded to have dried up a few ago but not the Lake was back to its usual business, boiling up chalky water.

I stopped every other moment to take photos (one of my hobbies) and wait on the people behind me (a good way to catch your breath when you're tired). My mother and niece also made the trip so I had to make sure they were okay from time to time. Our first major stop was at Breakfast river, there I filled my bottle with the purest of water anywhere in the world. That water is sweet, no lie.

From there it was uphill. Again that was expected, but what I had forgot was how long it took from there to the viewpoint, which some people say is also the half way point between the start and the lake. It wasn't hard just long. Once we got there we took another pause for the cause and took photos, shared a few jokes and had some snacks pass around. No complaints or comments yet, but that was soon too come.

Everybody was all smiles through the Valley of Desolation and nobody took notice that we actually had to climb back up that steep incline. To be honest, I only went back to the lake to take a photo of my hand in the water, because i had lost the one I took out some time aback and I was glad to get the opportunity to do it but did i ever pay the price.

We arrived at the lake at about 11:30 and again had snacks, took photos and chit chatted. Nobody dared go down to the bottom (at the edge of the lake) but I made it there to get my photo, by any means necessary. The climb is always scary when you do it alone and I had my close moment when I second guessed my decision but I made it, else I wouldnt be here typing this blog.

We left a few minutes after, some people couldnt wait to go back when they realized how long the walk to the bus would really take. Off course, we had to take a dip in the hot pools before making our way through the Valley. If you are going to subject yourself to that painful climb you might at least enjoy the treats before you do so.

It felt like we were walking for day before we made it back to Titou Gorge, It actually just took me over 2 and a half hours. I felt bad for my niece though, she had cried on her way back to the Laudad and said she would never return there. I don't blame her, if I was at her age I probably would have said the same thing.

Oh before I end my blog, I want to say how proud I am of my mother for attempting the hike, at least she made it passed the Valley of Desolation, a lot of people haven't even made it that far before turning back.


Next on my hiking list:

Morne Diablotin
Morne Trois Pitons
Perdu Temps (Lost Time)

Any takers??????

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Maureen said...

Sounds brilliant...!!! I arrived in Dominica on that same Sunday on a 4 day personal trip. I have to come back soon to Dominica to experience this hike...

Excellent post as always...