Sunday, April 26, 2009

NYC brings gospel fever to homeless

What was organized as a talent show turned out into a gospel festival for the folks at the Grotto Home for the Homeless, as members of the National Youth Council and others from the Catholic Youth Christian Club, engaged the inmates in a spiritual encounter.

For almost two hours, the walls of the building trembled from the voices of the youth and homeless (mostly elderly/abandoned persons). Poetry and singing took centre stage but the highlight of the activity occured when the young persons engaged in a sing off with their audience. For about forty five (45) minutes gospel favourite after favourite was chanted out by the crowd and performers.

In the true Dominican spirit, calypso was also given a "brief" moment to shine as calypsonian Yolie shared her tune as well as that of Singining Sandy. Two (2) tunes from local favourite Tarina also made its way unto the impromptu program.

I also had an opportunity to perform my latest poem: I'm stuck.

A wonderful moment for all, both performers and those in the crowd.

Although the Council had planned to have a Walk for Youth 2K9 for that date, because of poor private sector support among other logistical issues it had to be posponed, but still it was time well spent on Global Youth Service Day.
The Youth Council is already putting plans in place to have a big fundraiser with the Home for the Homeless to raise funds for their activities including setting up of a Chapel.
Look out for that one.

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