Friday, April 24, 2009

Minister lashes out after my comments

Story about my comments at the recently held public pre-budget discussion forum at the Public Service Training Centre on Tuesday of this week.

Public servant criticises; minister lashes out

President of the National Association of Youth in Agriculture (NAYA) and field officer at the Ministry of Agriculture, Delroy Wiliams has laid blame on the Government for poor working conditions in his department and inadequate provisions in the agricultural sector.
“From my personal working environment at the Division of Agriculture, the general environment at the Division of Agriculture is really one that is not conducive to delivering a quality service to agricultural farmers,” Williams said.

For more on the story and for comments of Dominicans click the following link

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Jae said...

LOL... my brother, i read that a few days ago on dominicanewsonline.. All i wanted to do was laugh, cause i just find that was a completely reveal response from the minister. Nw we know their modus operandi. Advise though.. start considering other ventures.. but i dont think they can victimise you in any way for your honesty and constructive observations..

P.S email me some of NYC's activities nuh. And were you able to contribute to DD's poetry book?