Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kiera's Book Club: Flying with Knowledge

I'm not sure if many persons would remember but sometime last year there was a call from Sandra Valentine, on the behalf of her nine year old daughter, to the members of Dominican Diaspora to donate books to a book club that would make the reading material available to primary schools on the island.

Well the book club has seen the light of day and yesterday the National Youth Council of Dominica launched the program which now targets five primary schools (Massacre, Roseau, Trafalgar, Concord and Castle Bruce). There was also a logo design competition launched as a means of promotion of the book club and to raise awareness about literacy in Dominica. The Pioneer Prepatory school emerged winners of the contest (see logo below).

We do hope that the contributions of new and used books and reading material will continue as the National Youth Council hopes to increase the number of schools benefiting from the program to ten. It is also hoped that ICT tools that be introduced to the kids through the program.

Anyone willing to assist can contact Sandra, myself on DD or the National Youth Council:

15 Bath Road
Commonwealth of Dominica
1 (767) 448 6944

Thanks again to all who contributed and a special hats off to Sandra and Christina "Kiera" Valentine.

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