Thursday, April 16, 2009

what's in my cd player right now

Everytime I write this post, I must mention that I do not have a cd player, I actually listen to music on my phone or on my laptop, even the radio at times.

But these past few days, I haven't had much time to listen to music however the little time that I get, I usually devote it to conscious music aka reggae, some rap, gospel and even a little of our local music, bouyon (okay, okay, that is not exactly conscious music but it depends on your interpretation of it).

Lately I have gone back to my earliest of musical influences (remember I am still a young person, lol), this is the first album that I could recite par cœur ( by heart). Well I could be talking about Robert Nesta Marley (my father named me Nesta after him) but i am not, I am talking about Buju Banton. His earliest albums are a far cry from conscious reggae, it dealt with more dancehall topics but from his re-awakening, Buju has been a force to reckon with in the reggae music genre.

Although I am currently listening to his 'Til Shiloh album by favourite Buju ensemble is 'Inna Heights'. My favourite songs on his 'Til Shiloh album include:

"'Til I'm Laid to Rest"
"Untold Stories"
"Not an Easy Road"
"Complaint" (with Garnett Silk)
"Wanna Be Loved"
"It's All Over"
"Hush, Baby, Hush"
"What Ya Gonna Do?" (with Wayne Wonder)

But my favourite line any of his songs come from Untold Stories:

What is to stop the youths from get out of control
Full up of education yet no own no payroll
The clothes on my back have countless eyehole.
I could go on and on the full has never been told

and off course I could go on and on but I will end here

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