Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm a Proud Father

Yes, it’s true I’m a father, a dad; got myself a young one after months of trying and after a difficult process, my baby is here. I didn’t tell anyone because I didn’t want to jinx the birth. I didn’t want what happened the first time to occur again, death during delivery. That was so much to bear the last time.

Let me be clear before I lead people down the wrong road, because I get the feeling that this might just happen. I am a dad but not to a baby boy or girl, actually one of the fish in my aquarium gave birth to a young one. It isn’t the first birth in the aquarium but it is the first to survive the first week, so I am hoping all goes well.

I have always loved fish and as a young boy I had a lot of guppies in a big bowl but they always seemed to die or disappear (thieves) after a while. But about a year ago, I decided to buy myself an aquarium (at Pet Land, in Roseau), as a gift for something I did (can’t remember what it was) and I filled it with a variety of fish. I think I overpopulated it and pretty soon the fish started to die. I did manage to save a few of them (2 black widows and a small shark) only to have them killed later by a mishap.

They say that when you want a job done right you should do it yourself, well that pertains to cleaning of aquariums too. I gave my cousin a small job to clean my aquarium, nothing to difficult, and nothing that a 14-year old boy couldn’t handle, right. Well wrong, turned out he used bleach to clean the bowl and didn’t even rinse out the bowl before adding the fish. A few hours after, I came back home to meet my fish floating in the bowl, well I learned my lesson.

Today no one touches my fish or aquarium because that could spell your death, lol. I only have six fish in there now, well actually seven, almost forgot the newborn baby fish. I have given them all names; well actually they all have the same name, snookums. Don’t ask where that came from. Snookums 7 is doing fine, almost can’t see him/her most of the time because of the marbles, shells and other stuff in the bowl but I make sure I locate him/her before I go to bed at nights and first thing in the morning. I have even increased my feed regime just to ensure that he/she receives the fair share of food and grows up strong.

So as you can see I’m a proud dad, proud father and will post more photos soon. Will try to get a close up photo but bear with me I’m working with a normal digital camera, need to get myself an underwater one soon.


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Jae said...

LOL.. you certainl had me going for a moment there.. but that big pic of the aquarium knocked me back to my senses pretty quickly! :)