Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Where were you when...?

There are times in life when certain things that happen to you or happen around you leave such a mark on your life and the lives of people around you that you will always remember the moment and remember exactly what you were doing at that point in time.

Example number 1: the not guilty verdict for OJ Simpson in the muder trial for his wife and her "friend." I can remember that moment like yesterday walking down King George V Street in Roseau next to Julian's Jewelry Store. All of a sudden, boom, there was an uproar and everyone ran to the streets, OJ was not guilty and we could have cared less about the facts in the case or anything else for that matter but a black man had beaten the court system in America and that was enough for me and the rest of the Black world.

Then there is 9-11, another moment that i can never forget. I remember it like yesterday too. I had returned to Dominica after a few years at a college in Guadeloupe and i was yet to find a job so i spent most of my mornings in bed until the hours of 11a.m. But that morning was different, i felt restless and was twisting and turning, feeling hot between the sheets. I guess it was the weather then i got a call asking me to turn on the news. Then it really hit me, I saw the first plane descending into the twin towers and at first i thought what is this really raw movie being shown on CNN and then i switched channels and there is was on NBC, ABC and FOX and the lives of Americans, Iraqis, Afghanis and the rest of the World citizens will never be the same.

Now yesterday was a similar event, i was coming from the Dominica Reunion/30th Independence celebrations and i must say it was really good. The independence climaxed with a nice "sewo" of little violence and to me that made it exceptional given the activities of the past years. I hurried home to watch CNN, not a big news fan too, but still the US Elections had everyone glued to the televisions. I am not sure if there was a more watched event around the world, only the olympics can even come close. I am so proud that the US found it within their hearts to vote for the better candidate, well at least to me and millions in the US and around the World. Up until today, i havent used my blog to discuss politics but hearts off to Mr. Barack Obama, President-elect of the United States of America.

I must also say hearts off to McCain too for his speech last night, showed he did indeed have some class to concede so gracefully too.

A new day is dawning? well we dont really know, we have to wait and see but its a good first few minutes in that day...


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