Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Long Road to Guyana

I've always been told to expect the unexpected when travelling but that is especially true when travelling through the Caribbean. Time and time again, i've learnt valuable lessons and time and time again, i fail to remember those lessons when i set off on a new journey.

This time i guess it was my fault, well kind of my fault. I left Dominica on Tuesday morning at 4:00 am, well actually i left my home for the airport at that time thinking that i had the first flight out of Dominica for Guyana taking connecting flights in Antigua and Barbados. When i arrived at the airport i was told that i was on a later flight at 10:50 but more to my surprise was the fact that my flight itinerary ended in Barbados and there was no continuation to Guyana, lol.

You can as well imagine the panic that overtook me, i started calling people all over the place in Barbados, Washington and Guyana. Well after about 45 minutes of calling and panic, they finally figured out that i had the wrong itinerary in hands and that i had to change airlines in Barbados from LIAT to Caribbean Airlines. Off course, with LIAT computer system down, they were unable to inform me of this, how convenient eh.

Anyways, that was the least of my experience. Now i find myself going from Dominica to St. Lucia, where i spent about 3 hours trying to catch up on some sleep on the most uncomfortable of chairs. Then on to Barbados, where the real twist occurs in this story. I had dinner with a traveling buddy (not a female). He is attending the same function in Guyana.

Our flight was at 7:50, so we had some time to kill so we walked around the airport admiring the workers, the females, etc. There was this particular hindi young lady who kept eyeing me, or i felt she kept eyeing me under all that facial covering. It was quickly approaching 7:00 pm so i cleared immigration to make it to the waiting area. After seating for about an hour and realizing that the plane was late, i decided to go online on my laptop to chat to a few friends to kill more time.
As soon as i put on the damn thing and started to chat here comes this announcement via the Public Announce System. Caribbean Airlines apologizies for the late arrival of flight ..... and we would appreciate it if all the passengers who are to board the flight approach the desk for more information, now you know that doesn't sound good.

We were informed that the airline was going to provide us with dinner and put us up in Golden Sands hotel until 3:00 a.m. But why 3:00 a.m., turns out that is when the next flight to Guyana is so we were whisked off to the hotel and before i could get any rest i was back at the airport in a long line waiting to get to Guyana. At least this time the flight departed and right now i can say i'm in Guyana (see view from hotel room).

Oh i will be returning to Dominica on Friday, i do hope the journey back is less taxing on me.


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