Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Love's Plea

I wrote this poem a while back but i only put the finishing touches, or what i think is the finishing touches, on it tonight. But with poetry you never know, i could return and change a few things around. Feedback has a way of doing that to me sometimes, i never really feel that a poem is perfect, well at least those that i write, i am always looking to change a word or two, a rhyme or three, a verse or more...

My Plea

I act
Like I could be satisfied
with being a mere friend; when
I want
to firmly hold your hand
along long walks, having insightful talks; because
I need
your love to complete my soul
I'm the clay, you're the potter; so mold
I will
be there for you through thick and thin
for with you at my side, I'll always win
I am
planting seeds hoping to see them grow
sowing friendship today to harvest your love tomorrow
and if you
can see past my wrong and flaws
together we can break down chained doors.
If you
can value this diamond in it's natural, blemished state
then me and you together, forever; that's fate.
If you
can see the sunshine through the rain; then you will
realize that i will love you past your pain


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