Thursday, November 6, 2008

Most Popular Man

I asked a friend this question, who was the most popular person at the time of walking the Earth. He answered Jesus, and i said a sharp no to his surprise. I told him it was Barack Obama. He was startled at my answer because of my Christian faith but soon understood my point of view.

I explained to him that although Jesus may be one of the most popular people to ever walk the Earth at the time he walked the Earth he was frowned upon by alot of people and at that particular time Christianity wasn't very widespread and a few people outside of Israel (Africa), the Promised Land, knew of Christ.

Then he said Mohamed, i said NO as well for the same reason that the Muslim faith was limited to certain African and middle east countries.

To my surprise his third answer was Michael Jackson, i could only laugh to that answer though, but he had some clout at his most popular time. But the popularity of Michael isnt what it used to be. To add to the list of close but no cigar personalities, we have:

Michael Jordan
Mathama Ghandi
Mother Theresa
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Bob Marley

All great men, some more popular posthumously though. None as popular as Barack Obama is right now. We could also say that maybe none more under threat of assassination than him also although Dr. King Jr. was assassinated.

To just understand the numbers; over 50 million Americans voted for him. We can estimate a fair number of Americans who didnt or couldnt vote also wanted him to be President. The entire population of Kenya (millions) and most of the African continent, the Caribbean archipelago, Europe, the Far East (especially in Obama, Japan) and off course the Middle East and Asian continent was hoping he would win, could anyone be as popular a leader as Obama. He popularity also comes from the fact that he could also be a hated individual by white supremacists, radicals, racists, etc.

I dont think a President-elect of the United States has ever been as celebrated as him. Persons hail him as a savoir but one thing is clear he is part of history. Persons will forever remember his name. Kenyans have already started naming their children after him and his wife, Michelle. I'm sure there are lots more where that came from too.

How important a person he is right now we know and we are now awaiting to see how successful he will be. One thing is for sure, if he fails then Black people all over the World will take a step back but right now, the future is so bright, impossible is finally possible for Black people.

Thanks again Obama.


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