Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Zoukland...Creole Music's Secret

Nobody told me but i found out anyway. Zoukland by Gordon Henderson is a gateway into Creole Music's past as he and his band, Exile One, journeys through the music scene in the Caribbean, France, England, Africa and North America.

I recommend this book to any person who has an interest in creole culture, music or needs a book that speaks of perseverance despite great odds. It is written in both english and french (i am awaiting the creole version) and shows the progression from cadence, compas to zouk. The book not only speaks of Exile One but mentions groups such as Tambo Combo, Kassav, Grammacks, Les Vikings and individuals such as Ophelia, Franky Vincent.

What really touched me about this book is the way it was written, the language was easy to follow and it felt like i was having the experience along with Gordon and friends. I also like the fact that it was also written in french (my favourite language).

Thanks again to Gordon Henderson, the Exile One Band and all those who lived thru those times to make this story available to people like me who cant seem to put down a good book. I read that book in a few hours, surprised myself because i met the book on my friends bookshelf covered in cobwebs, treasures are usually found in weird places. I consider this book a literary and historic treasure for Dominica and the rest of the Caribbean creole community.

Good Work Creole Classics (publisher of the book)


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