Saturday, November 15, 2008

Youth Council announces radio co-host vacancy

Know Your Country

The Know Your Country radio program is designed to empower persons, particularly young persons, about their world through the examination of various topic areas: Geography, Health, Politics, Agriculture, Environment, World Affairs etc.

The aim of the Know Your Country radio program is to actively engage Dominicans in research and dissemination of information about their world and to encourage their participation through the use of Radio as a communication tool.

The Program is designed for participants and listeners to embrace the tagline that “Knowledge is Power” but that knowledge needs to be shared to be effective in encouraging development, change and a brighter future especially with relations to Globalization and World Issues.

Applications for Program Co-host:

Ø Interest in radio programs and programming
Ø Between the ages of 16 – 35
Ø Strong communication skills
Ø Ability to conduct basic research
Ø Involvement in youth or community group is an asset

Send Application to:

National Youth Council
15 Bath Road
or call: 1 767 448 6944
or email:

1 comment:

Jae said...

LOL... I have/can do all those things. Maybe i should apply eh? Good luck finding your person.