Thursday, November 13, 2008

Can I?

I don't know how it happens or why it happens but these things just come to me, at the weirdest of times. I was in a meeting when these words just came to mind, i guess the fact that i was thinking about this gurl didnt help either, cant get her outta my head, no matter how hard i try too...

Can I have a talk with you
or even walk with you?
Got thoughts that I need to share,
and it's the perfect time with you right here.
No friends, definitely no cell phones
so our minds, collectively, are free to roam.

Can I seat next to you?
for the next hour or two,
don't be shy, act naturally
look me in the eyes; take me seriously.
When i see you i transform into this nervous but happy little boy
who has just unwrapped his birthday gift to find his favourite toy.

Can I look at you? i mean really look at you
into your mind, body and soul
don't get me wrong,
my feelings aren't infatuation.
I'm just love sprung
I can't say I fully know what love means,
but you possess the power to fulfill my love dreams.

So now can I hold your hand?
Oh woman, can i be your man?
for I'm thru with petty games
when I'm done we'll both have love names.
You can call me boo and I'll call you baby
or better yet, I'll call you my lady.



Jae said...

.. LOL. "Love sprung". I hope this girl is reading all of this eh. Send her the link. She should be suitably impressed. This is a genuine one. I'll need to read it again.

Blessings Nest@!

Llo said...

And here i was hoping that was to me, damn thats a good one D. I love it, and as Jae said, she should be suitable impressed.... good work