Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Gardens: Fete, Food, Fun and more

The Botanic Gardens of Dominica comes alive every year, over the past six (6) years, with Creole in the Park. This event is coordinated by the Cable and Wireless Telecommunications company and supported by a number of Public and Private Sector groupings.

This year is no different with a wonderful mix of performances, good creole food (my mouth agrees but sometimes my stomach is angry) and the chance to meet almost everyone on the Nature Isle.

This year is even more special as Dominicans at home and abroad have made their way back to the Nature Isle to celebrate thirty (30) years of independence from the colonial powers, Britain to be exact.

And that isn't all, because the once-renowned "Gardens" also forms the backdrop to this year's National Exposition, an activity of the Reunion 2008 Office. Highlighted is the best in everything of Dominica from craft, agricultural production, energy, agro-processed and manufactured good, wildlife, etc.

You have the chance to go from tasting the best foods, seeing the best products to actually kissing up to a boa constrictor all in the space of a couple of hours. Creole in the Park continues until thursday evening but the expo goes unto the weekend (Saturday). For those of you missed out, sorry, you will have to wait for the next reunion year to experience something like that again, tant pis pour vous...

So much going on, so much to talk about, so few letters of the alphabet and words in the english vocabulary. It's just an explosion of culture, colour, people and more to come soon...


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