Monday, October 20, 2008

Reaching for the Sky: Giving Back

Reaching for the Sky is the motto for the The Bioche Young Achievers, last week, gave back to their community during a week of activities. A number of lectures were held covering various topics (health, education, history etc) but the highlight of the week was the Elderly Dinner held for the aged community members. Although the week of activities were disrupted by the passage of Hurricane Omar about twenty (20) elderly persons turned up for their night of eats, music, storytelling and dancing.
The week of activities ended with a beach clean up on the saturday and much of the debris left by Hurricane Omar was removed. Support for the week of activities came from the Parliarmentary Representative, the Youth Development Division, the Dominica Youth Environment Organization.

For a week i was apart of Bioche, becoming an honorary member (got a tshirt and was invited to the dinner) and i felt proud to be clothed in the purple tshirt too, although not one of my favourite colors. Again hats off to the Bioche Young Achievers and I look forward to future activities in Bioche especially next year's week of activities as well. I know they didnt get much promotion by the media during the week but I am hoping that my blog is well recieved...doing the little it can.


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