Monday, August 18, 2008

Turtle eggs anyone?

imagine a bright night on the south east coast of Dominica staring out at the sea. Taking in the sights and sounds, the breeze of the Atlantic ocean. Then all of a sudden there is this excitement all around. The beach monitor scampers along the beach telling each and everyone of the presence of this ancient but still present creature. It's making it way on to the beach, crawling to find the perfect spot.

Yes people, a greenback turtle made its presence known at Rosalie Beach and i was there to behold it, first digging a hole with continuous action then laying its eggs with no care for who is viewing the activity. Such an event that the turtle even allows humans to participate in the activity for there was I with turtle eggs in hand, collecting them to take them to a protected hatchery.

I wasnt alone though, 17 of my NAYA friends was also part of the activity and that was just friday night.

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