Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And the family just gets bigger

If someone told you that their family is getting bigger you would automatically think that they are having kids or someone in their family is having kids but with me it is just not the case, well actually a few of my cousins just had babies and even my sister is pregnant. But I’m actually talking bout the next side of my family, my father's side. Over the past year or so I’ve been crossing paths with his family: cousins, grandaunts, grand cousins. You see my father never really introduced me to his family on his father's side (my grandfather).

There is this funny story of how I met one of my cousin at a funeral. I was there looking through the crowd at this chocolate brown, fine and thick beauty and was telling another cousin (Bigjoe) that I was going to approach her at the happy hour. A curious aunt heard me and asked who i was talking about and when i pointed her out, she told me that it was my cousin. She introduced me right then and there, much to my reluctance cause in my mind she was just to fine to be my cousin or I really didn’t want her to know, i cant remember which one, lol.

Next story, my mother had a co-worker who was asking her about her kids and she mentioned that my name was Delroy ........ and that my father was Fitzroy .... and that i was from Blue Blue Country (Bath Estate) and her co-worker said that he had a cousin from Bath Estate with that exact same so i found another member of my family again. I met up with him and he took me around to meet his mother and some of my cousins who lived in Citronniere. But the twist is that once at Citronniere, i realized that one of my cousins was actually a schoolmate of mine and we had even played football against each other a few times.

Now that brings me to a few weeks ago, when a grandaunt of mine introduced me to her daughter and then today, i met another grandaunt, who again introduced me to her daughter, i don’t know why my cousins have to look so good, the cute gene didn’t land in my pool, well in comparison to them, lol.

But now, I’m even more excited to find out who my family is, I am on my way to Newtown where I will pass by a cousin of mine to meet her for the first time, i have heard about her but never really ventured because I always figured that if they wanted to know who I was, then they would have found me. Well today i found out that most of them don’t even know about me, so my family continues to grow, although I don’t really feel a part of the family as yet but I guess that will all come with time. The excitement and adventure continues...

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