Thursday, August 14, 2008

I wonder

Below is a poem my ex-girlfren once gave to me, it was just when we were trying out a long distance relationship, off course it didnt last, i'm living/leaving single now, depends on the way you look at it, lol. Im not sure if the poem was written by her, i dont think i asked or she didnt tell me either, I was just going through some files on my pc and i found it there so decided to post it, off course it got me thinking about her and wondering if she's thinking about me too. I wonder what nesta (she took my middle name as hers) is doing right now.

To deli , I am thinking of you always

Even when we are apart
And distance feels so far
We are still together, Love
For I am where you are

You can feel me near
In the evening breeze
I am right there with you
In the wind through the trees

Or in the clouds above
High up in the skies
Look real close, my Love
You will see me through your eyes

And when you feel a flutter
Deep within your heart
Remember, it is me right there
For of you, I am a part

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