Friday, August 8, 2008


By Delroy Nesta Williams

Fresh of the grill, wrote this one last night

Shades of green and everything in between
Encircled by seas of translucent blue,
Displaying wonders above and below
A beauty for all to behold,
Peaks that touch the sky
Stars that bless the night,
While the clear rivers quench the thirst
Of the land that grows it all.

Flowers of red, yellow, orange and blue
Birds of all sizes and colours sweetly sing,
The wind greets the hills and valleys
As the swaying palms speak to the flamboyant
Giving shade to the people below,
As they busily go about their day,
Each and everything mixed in.

For in Dominica they are well pleased
For here, Nature carefully prepares the way,
A path though full of bumps and bruises
Potholes and ditches,
An experience second to none
This is where all this is found,
Undisturbed it stands
DA, shining jewel among other islands

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