Monday, August 18, 2008

On the way to Ravine Cyrique

If anyone had told me i would have been doing that on Saturday morning, i would have probably told them they would be lying since i spent most of the Saturdays in bed till around 12 but here i was in Riviere Cyrique climbing down this cliff, well actually at times i was crawling down. Me and a few friends from NAYA were making our way to the Ravine Cyrique, this waterfall right on the beach, I've seen pics of it, I have heard people talk about it but they all seemed to forget or conveniently decided not to mention how difficult it is to get to it.

I felt like i was training to be in the Army or something, rock climbing, holding on to tree roots, climbing down cliffs holding ropes (with no harness too). I could describe it as best as i can and nothing would allow you to picture me doing that with knees knocking, sweating while at the same time playing confident so that my friends (the female ones) would not get scared. There were a few screams, even more tears (not from me) but in the end we all made it safely. It was worth every trembling minute, every thought of turning back.

I think i can speak for everyone when i say that it was a memorable experience, one that i will tell my grandchildren about, one that i hope to do again too, i had a good weekend in the southeast, as usual, whenever NAYA goes there for its annual membership camp. I never knew the southeast had so many tourist attractions for it has been four years now since NAYA has been camping there and everytime we go to different sites and they never stop amazing me, life in Newfoundland down to Delices must be on never ending adventure. I dont think nowhere else in DA can compare and I'm a good person to judge to, i've been all over.


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