Wednesday, August 6, 2008

from whence I came

That's a pic of my mother, Patricia. I owe my life to her, she had me as a teenager, only 15 years old too. She could have had an abortion but chose life over death and today I am who I am because of that. Thanx to her. She's recieving an award from her workplace, not sure what the award is but to those of you who know me, i'm sure you can see the resemblance.

For that reason, i can't support abortion, not at all, what if my mother had chosen abortion and I am sure she probably had reason to think about that back then when Dominica was so conservative and bias against teenage mothers, it still is to a certain extent, but that's a convo for another time.
Did i mention she is an active follower of my blog too and a fan of my poetry, favourite one is These Words. I am writing one with her in mind too, here is a short preview:
From seven months I was
Sent from above,
The doctor didn’t believe
He only gave me days to live,
Not that I can remember
My first home: an incubator,
2 pounds, 3 ounces wasn’t much
The Lord, my guiding light, my solid crutch

At 15, my mother didn’t know
Just how far, her first born would go
Everything new, confusing to her...
to be cont'd
Thanks again Pato

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Mekeysha said...

yea delroy she looks like you,i know she be very proud of her first born, anyways nice blog page