Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Evening News

It's still very raw but since I haven't posted in here in a while, I thought I would still go ahead and share it:

I’m Delroy Nesta Williams
And I’m your presenter:

This evening in the news
We’ve got leaders so bold (that)
They’ve sold their souls for gold
Forgetting those they serve,
Just fattening up their banks accounts
Skyrocketing to ridiculous amounts.
And it’s all from the public’s purse
And that’s not even the worst;
We’ve got two-faced people
Who got me needing bi-focals.
Married men who make a mockery of matrimony
And women who just seek out the alimony
Priest who touch little boys
And the churches prepared to cover up their ploys
Not to mention those who sing for their supper
The apologists and fact benders
And so words get twisted
Intentions misinterpreted
And soon everything good will be a distant memory
We’ve got boys who pretend to be thugs
Because that’s what they see in the media
Shout out Tupac and Adi cuz that’s all they hear
Claiming they’ve found themselves
But they’re just paving their way to hell
And the girls who follow them
Clinging to the hype
Like a bra that’s just too tight
And it’s all a part of the scheme
To keep us trapped in the “skin” were in
Second class in our minds
This is just a sign of the times
And suddenly they only live once
Behaving like a sow’s runt
Cast aside to eat sloppy seconds
But we’ve got the people who know better
But sit silent, afraid to disturb the status quo
Because it all works out best if those who don’t know
Stay in their ignorance.
And they wallow in pretence
That it will all work out in the end
But that’s just the hypocrisy
Of a system that wasn’t meant to help the needy
Clothe the naked or heal the sick
Just meant to seek out profit
And still in the news
We’ve got bigots who lead the people off track
Claiming to have a master plan
Oh, what the fuck is wrong with this land?
That we’ve swapped leadership qualities for popularity
And vote based on who looks pretty
Or pleasing to the eyes
A badge of honour or a cloak to disguise?
When we would trade our soul for a scholarship
And return more dunce than when we first left
The news could go on and on
But this is just a ten minute segment
So you will have to return in the morning
And hope that with the sun’s dawning
Comes answers to our questions
And relief from our plight
Everything exposed in tomorrow’s light
But prepare to be disappointed
Because it’s a tangle web we’ve weaved.

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DanieLLe said...

Very bold but very true