Thursday, December 20, 2012

Just smile

Just smile
By Delroy Nesta Williams 

I want a smile
But not just any smile, 
I want a smile so wide that I can see all your pearly whites. 
A smile so bright that not even the sun can outshine it, kind of smile.
I want the it’s so great to see you; it’s been way too long kind of smile, 
The smile that makes you feel oh so warm inside… 
That smile, oh that smile that can put hope in a terminally ill patient’s life… 
The smile that only a mother can give to her child kind of smile. 
I want the Sunday morning, God has abundantly blessed me smile. 
The it’s been a rough day but everything will be okay smile.
The thank you it’s Christmas dinner time type of smile.
The thank you I passed my exams with an A, 
So I don’t have to retake this class kind of smile.
The smile that says I can’t believe that just happened to me kind of smile.
The he kissed me unexpectedly kind of smile,
The one that sends tingles up my spine, kind of smile. 
I want a smile that says, it’s so good to see you, 
So now you go on and smile at the rest of the world 
So they can fall in love with your smile too kind of smile… 
Honestly, I just want the world to smile. 

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