Monday, December 17, 2012

Out of sight but not out of mind...

Out of sight but not out of mind!
By Delroy Nesta Williams

Feeling like a poor man
Running out of time
Living but not really alive
So much going on all around me
But no one to share it with
Can't see my reflection in your eyes
Or be the reason for your smile
Even your harsh words would be music to my ears
But the silence only adds to my fears
And compound the hurt and pain
That I will live out my life all alone
An incomplete feeling haunts me
My nightmare has become a reality
Wish I could go back to yesterday
And say all the things that I needed to say
Things I was to shy to utter
Things that pride made me swallow
I'm tired of the regret
Fed up of the faux quiet (calmness)
When I'm raging like a storm inside
My feelings I can no longer hide
I keep crying myself to sleep at nights
At the thought that I've lost your love
Conflict lives within my soul
An emotion I can no longer control
This numbness was simply pretense
Deep inside I'm raging like a boiling pot
I need to put an end to this, I need the hurt to stop
It's worst during the dead of night
When I've only got my thoughts and feelings
Then everything comes back to me:
How I ran away from love
How I was afraid to take the jump
And now I'm screaming, crying out
But I've got no one to blame
I've got only the scars and shame
Can't go back in time
Can't add reason to the rhyme
So I will just wallow in my sadness
And hope that with tomorrow comes a newness
But that's just wishful thinking
Cause you're gonna be absent from my reality
And so my sorrow continues
Because it's too late, too late
I've already sealed my fate
You are no longer mine
Because just like a poor man
I've ran out of time.

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