Wednesday, December 19, 2012


by Delroy Nesta Williams

I love you, like every morning
Because it brings a sunshine, 
That reminds me of your smile.
Even when there’s rain
Still, I will love you
Because it drowns out a world of pain.
Yes, I love you, like the blades of grass
Freshly cut but still kissed by the dew
Because it reminds me when I was hurt 
But still comforted by you.
I love you, like every river
That flows into the deep blue ocean.
And, even when that river overflows
The ocean still contains the fury
So I will love you, 
That's just how it will always be.
I love you, like the big oak tree
Because it grew from a small acorn seed
To stand among the forest, so majestically. 
I love you, just like a rose
Because it’s beauty is never questioned:
So to my feelings for you… 
I love you, like the birds and the bees
Because there's always a flower 
That provides what they need.
I love you, like the sands of the beach
Though just grains, countless in number. 
I love you, like the horizon
Even if within sight, always out of reach.
I love you, like the big blue sky
Always over us as the days go by
I love you, like I've never loved anybody else
And I will never love another.
I love you, beyond time's measure
And even if you doubt me, 
I will still love you, like no other... 
I love you, as long as the ants 
Keep marching on one behind the other
Because wherever you go, there I will follow
I love you, like forever 
Because I love you today, like there's no tomorrow… 


Kama said...

yow it maddddd!

Kama said...

YOW IT MAD!!!!!!!!