Monday, December 10, 2012

Farrakhan in Dominica

Farrakhan at the Arawak
It's not everyday that a world leader/icon visits the shores of my Caribbean island, Dominica. In fact, besides some "unknown" members the royal family visiting a few times during the Independence Celebrations, Dominica doesn't receive much in terms of icons. I remember hearing of Oprah (doesn't coming much bigger than her), Wesley Snipes, Tom Cruise and a few others visiting the island as a little boy but I can't remember anything about their visit and i'm sure I didn't have a chance to meet them, unless of course I am suffering from severe memory loss... and i'm not.

So when I heard that Louis Farrakhan was in Dominica for a weekend (I heard him on the radio the Saturday when he was already on the island) I dropped all my plans for the Sunday night and went to the Arawak House of Culture to have a glimpse of the leader of the Nation of Islam. He spoke for just under two (2) hours and had me engrossed in his performance. I say performance because his engagement of the crowd seemed akin to that of a seasoned entertainer. I marveled at the way he went about giving his speech, how he got the small but appreciative crowd to buy in and even be part and parcel of his presentation. 

There's a certain aura to him and although I didn't agree with some parts of his message, I must agree that in terms of delivery, he is second to one... Obama... Well that's just based on the small sample of speakers that I have been exposed to, please don't hold this against me. 

I took a few notes of what I thought were pertinent points/quotes that he made (not verbatim):

  1. if a man wont treat you right then what makes you think that he would teach you right - in speaking about white people providing religion to black slaves as a means of "saving" them.
  2. "how did hair get a moral quality" in speaking about good/bad hair and how we have been brainwashed to accept everything "white" as good.
  3. "you can't exercise knowledge in your sleep" - a call for black people (men) to wake up and take their place as leaders in the family and society
  4. "the greatest thing that you can do is to work for that which is greater than (outlives) you" - my favourite quote. 
Farrakhan also went on to speak to students of the Dominica State College and even denouncing abortion, but that's a different story... check it out here on Dominica News Online

or check an article about his view of partisan politics on Dominica Vibes


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Rum-Punch Drunk said...

As humans in society, and it's not about colour, we should always check out thoroughly any religion that we are interested in. There is good and bad in all, and it is our duty not to be influenced in the bad.

As for the hair issue, this can be an important debate mainly for black women. People are busy and don't want to spend hours doing their hair. I guess it is more of an individual thing, and those that don't have an issue with black hair are always those who want to have a big say on it.

As for the black men. Yes, more role models are definitely needed, and yes, men need to take a responsibility for the children they make, and their role in the family and society. Too often I hear about black men wanting to be DJs, or in the music industry when there are far more things out there for them. I must admit that America is the one of the main places where I see black men in roles that you don't hardly see them in in UK.

Very interesting post.