Wednesday, December 12, 2012

short short stories

Until recently I had never written one but I am beginning to like them.. short stories so short they are only one paragraph "long" but so well crafted that the can describe a lifetime of events... Here are two (2) of them that I did just last night... Truth is, I was kind of bored and didn't have anything better to do with my time.

The first short story I adopted, edited and remixed from a Facebook post of one of my friends (Michelle Walker, not her real name, lol). She took the quote from a book called the History of Love by Nicole Krauss

The second, I wrote to describe a photo that my cousin sent me... She has a photography page on Facebook (JPix) and she usually asks me to write short poems about certain photos. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do:

1. True story: once upon a time there was a boy and he was in love with a girl whose laughter was a question he wanted to answer!!! Whose smile was a rainbow and he chased it to find the pot of gold!!! Whose eyes held a treasure of secrets that he wanted to open!!! Whose arms were so warm that he only wanted to spend the rest of his life in them!!! And they spent forever together. The End.
2. Once upon a time there was a guy who loved a girl but he was too afraid to show her, so instead he hid it. So his love became a cross to carry, an overwhelming burden to bear. Eventually, all he was left with was thoughts of what this love could have been. He stood on the shore with tears in his eyes - watching, wishing - as the object of his affection left the dock in search of her love… The end. 

story no. 2 is inspired by this photo

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