Monday, November 26, 2012

Mr. Lonely

by Delroy Nesta Williams

You disappear then reappear just like magic
And it's so tragic what you do to my heart
I got so much love for you
But the situation is tearing me apart
How did our love wither so fast?
I can't understand what went wrong
Woke up one morning and you're gone
No longer the head of this home
The captain of my ship
Leaving this sailor to sit and just weep
As he faces rough seas by his lonesome
Unchartered waters is too much of a burden
Come back to me please
I need your affection to set my mind at ease
Those playful moments, those quiet nights
Calmed my soul; everything seemed so right
Where did I go wrong?
I need someone to point out the moment
So I could go back in time and correct it
Things aren't the same without you
Took losing you to see how much I do love you
I admit that it was probably my fault
So many thoughts filling my mind
I'm in constant state of depression,
And it’s killing me on the inside
The life of a loner is destined for me
Can't distinguish the forest from the trees
I can see us together, forever
But it's out of my hands
Just like an oasis in the desert
It’s only a mirage
One step forward but two steps back
Love wasn't meant for me
So love, please do me a favour
Just leave me lonely... 

To be continued...

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Rum-Punch Drunk said...

Good use of metaphor, simile, imagery, colloquial terms of phrase. I've always said that Dominicans have the lyrics :)