Thursday, November 1, 2012

a new offering... true story... Untitled R&B

forgot to post this in here the other day:

This is a true story
The pen jus seemed to grab my hand
Some things I just can't understand
Sometimes you just have to go with the flow
In the end it will all make sense:

Untitled (R&B)

How you waited till I wrote you my love letter
To tell me we can't be together
From awakening my soul with hugs and kisses
To breaking me into a million bits and pieces
My world turned upside down in a matter of minutes
I had guarded my feelings for so long
Until you came along
I took a risk opening up to you like no other
But in the end all you've managed to do was expose my deepest fears
And now for the first time in so many years
Girl, you've got me shedding tears
I was already planning my future around you
Thought our love was shared, thought it was true
I accepted your daughter as mine
Loved her like she came from my own blood line
I loved you with all your flaws
Because that's just what true love does
Takes the good with the bad, hoping for the best
Now my mind will never be at rest
Wondering what I could have done different
A tender touch by here, a phone call by there?
All these questions plaguing my mind
All these emotions of the troubling kind
Wish I could smile but all that comes out is this lowly sigh
I couldn't even utter a word when you said goodbye
So shocked I was at what just transpired
Like the boss walked into my office to say I was fired
From this job I've looked for all my life
I really thought you would have been my wife
I wanted you to be the last one that I would ever love
Until I depart this earth to meet the maker up above
All I feel now is hurt and depressed
Because I don't want anybody else
I will grow to accept that you're gone
What's done, is done
I'm prepared to grow old n lonely
If you're not the one for me,
Then who can it be?
You seemed so perfect for me


Love My Nails said...

Is this really a tre story. It awesome but oh so sad

Anonymous said...

Omg!!! Del this is exactly how I feel now....