Sunday, November 11, 2012

First place

boys playing cricket in the streets
Remember this time last year I posted about coming  second in the Independence short story competition in Dominica with my piece "Hair On My Chest" well guess what? This year I came first with another chapter from my soon to be released book "David and I." 

This time I entered "Cricket in the Streets" a short story that I had already published on my blog... but i changed the ending to suit the criteria of the competition.

I am so elated to win this competition. The prize giving ceremony will be held soon, hopefully I can get some photos or even a video to post in here as well...

I also submitted a poem "Walking Away" for the poetry segment but didn't win, still I am not disappointed and will continue submitting my poetry until I do win... I will continue to write as long as i have the strength and inspiration to do so... I love writing... 

I'm currently working on so many different stories all at the same time, hoping to complete all so very soon...

Here is a status report for those who follow my blog:

David and I - novel (70% complete)
Untitled Children's book (50% complete)
Moods and Attitudes - book of poetry (90% complete) to be released during Easter 2013
The Escape - short story (40% complete) to be released in the summer of 2013

Keep checking my blog for updates and short clips from the books...

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Love My Nails said...

Congrats on your win dear