Friday, November 2, 2012

Female Condom Anyone?

Every year, the Nature Island of the Caribbean, Dominica hosts a month long celebration of its independence and creole culture. Key among these events are the World Creole Music Festival and the Creole in the Park. These are two of the more popular activities during the months of October/November, depending on how the November 3rd date falls. November 03rd being the date for official recognition of Independence from Great Britian.

As has become customary, I always find myself at the Creole In The Park as I work at the Botanical Gardens where it is held. I have also made it a habit to have some memorable happenings while feasting on creole music, food and culture. This year, I wanted to have a low-key participation and as such I stayed away from much frolicking and drinking; I did however manage to witness a female condom demonstration by a friend of mine. She explained how to rip the wrapper, insert the condom and also a few tricks in initiate "feelings" among both the men and women... All in all, our trip to the Planned Parenthood booth was to say the least "inspiring" Let's see if i manage to have any children after this.

Check out the video I made of my friend, Kenitta Dorival, demonstration how to insert the female condom into the vagina. This is not for the faint at heart of the hypocrites...

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