Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Leandra Lander presents... Mam's Advice

Earlier tonight I attended the 2012 Independence Literary Competition Prize Giving Ceremony, where I received the first prize for the Short Story category. But this post isn't about me or my prize, au contraire, I want to highlight a pleasant surprise that took place at the ceremony though.

We were graced with Carnival royalty... Miss Leandra Lander, who won Dominica's Carnival Queen Show a few years ago, along with a number of regional crowns was present at the ceremony. She wasn't there as a mere onlooker but she had actually participated in the English Poetry Category. She came 2nd in that category and graced the podium reciting the poem "Mam's Advice." I actually made a video of the performance, albeit on my blackberry, so don't expect HD quality.

Below is the recital, do enjoy:

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Celia said...

Ohh Didn't know that was on tonight