Monday, June 15, 2009

Poetry in de Estate house

The Bath Estate Community Centre played host to some experienced players as well as the new crop of Dominica's poets on Friday June 12th, 2009.

Poetry shows, although still a niche activity, always recieves a receptive and appreciative crowd and from the first poem all indications pointed to a powerful, inspiring show. The Bath Estate Development Committee, through its energetic and powerful Vice Chairwoman, Mrs. Shawna Johnson ensured that all who made the journey on the night were treated to a wonderful display of word power.

With experienced acts and up and coming performers, the blend of of poetry and song, again left the audience wishing for more. Although simple in its set up, the show had a wonderful feel to it even with first time host Delroy Williams (me) dabbing in and out adding a slightly charged comedic aura to the proceedings. This was a welcome site at the Community centre which has seen its activities scaled down over the past few months because of renovation and improvement needs.

At every poetry show that I have attended or participated in, there has always been a surprise and that friday night surely didn't disappointed, instead it surpased expectations giving two suprise acts for a measly EC$2 contribution at the door. Medina Bellot, in her creole poetry, had the crowd locked into her performance, with not only her words but her facial expressions. There is something about the creole language that gets the crowd to really feel the performer and hang on to the every word. Clifton Lewis or Cocoa T, as he is popularly known even displayed his new book (Hidden Words of Love) and gave a powerful rendition of his love poems to the pleasure of the female audience.

Other noteworthy performers included: Reynold Gustave, Harry Sealy, Monelle Alexis and Tamara Lowe who gave an encore performance of her love poem. Songbirds Tasha Peltier, Royette Laurent and Tina Alfred also added a powerful element of love to the show through their singing. Poetry is truly alive in Dominica and its re-emergence as a powerful artform is definitely around the corner. This is especially so if groups like the Bath Estate Development Committee and the National Youth Council continue to give artists the opportunity to showcase their writing talents.


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