Saturday, June 6, 2009

my fave 5 of da week

Another week gone, another opportunity to point out my five favourite things. I am sure there was more than five but I have to put a limit on where i want to stop and five seems logical. I did a lot of things this past week, especially on the weekend but here are my 5:
  1. 2 Walks over the holiday weekend; the Walk for Youth from Possie to Capuchin and the Treasure Trek from Roseau to Macoucherie, if you put the two together then i actually walked the Dominican west coast, give or take a mile or two;

  2. Sucking on cocoa, lol. That may have a different meaning to Dominicans depending on the context of the conversation but I found some cocoa pods while on the Walk for Youth and had a wonderful time sucking on the beans. Off course, if you don't know, cocoa beans are dried and processed to make chocolate, cocoa powder and a host of other products. In Dominica, we process them locally to make cocoa sticks. Every Dominican can point to a time in their life where they probably drank cocoa tea every morning or evening. According to our grandparents, cocoa tea gives blood so you better drink up, lol.

  3. I had the privilege to actually see the hawkmoth after it emerged from its cocoon (papae). If you read my blog on the rasta caterpillar then you will overstand it all;

  4. On thursday, I found myself in one of my favourite areas; Rose Hill. That's in Bellevue Chopin; a community in foot of Morne Anglais and famous for organice production. I was visiting a compost site that just began operation and was privileged to share a meal with the family. Not just any meal, I ate my food in a calabash, Rasta Style or Kalinago Style depending on who you ask, One Love though, all the same for I n I.

  5. Recieved an short pay check on friday. I wasn't paid my full salary in April and I recieved the rest on Friday, only to see it disappear before my very eyes before I could enjoy it. It's amazing how money spends itself even before you have a chance to spend it, lol.

Now that's my fave five of the week, what's yours?

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