Sunday, February 1, 2009

Poetry session at Bath Estate

I (the one in red and black below) haven't performed any of my poems since the National Literary Festival in Dominica last year, not because i was keeping away from performances but the timing of the sessions always coincided with some other activity that i had to do.

This time it did clash with a calypso show, but i decided that since it was in my home community that i couldnt shy away from performing and i was glad that i had the opportunity to share my craft with fellow poets, community members and onlookers.

The crowd started rather small but very appreciative and grew as the night got darker and at the end we had what could be referred to as a full house, although we were actually in the yard of Mrs. Shawna Johnson, fellow poet and our hostess for the night.

My second showing of the night went alot better than the first, by that time i had gotten over my nerves and after seeing performances by Alpha Dennis and others had grown in confidence and just let my poems out much to the delight of the crowd. My first time in front of the crowd i delivered more reflective poetry (see timely reflections in a previous post) and the second time around i delivered two of my favourite love poems.

But the night wasn't about me, it was about developing a friendship with other poets, some of whom i had already known and others very new to me. I can still picture Miss Kimasha Sylvester performing Eat It, a piece that recieved a standing ovation and an encore performance. It had the crowd laughing and calling out for more. Overall, the ambiance was very good with our hostess going above and beyond showering the crowd with jokes, gifts and even her own thoughtful poems.

I'm so looking forward to the next one, which isn't that far away because i am coordinating the competition and poetry show dubbed "The Next Great Love Poem" and all indicators point to a successful outcome.

Poetry performance is not a mainstream event in Dominica but that may not be for very long if we, present crop of up and coming poets, have our way, be on the look out...


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siddiqua said...

dominica seems beautiful. i linked to your blog through TIG. you write very well, and your lanmguage is so easy on the mind. so free flowing, and calm. you're articulate. and besides, its not like many other blogs who speak about a lot of rubbish. that's why i think you are refreshing. somehting i would like to come back again and read.i will go back to TIG and read your poems. i think you should put a creative commons copyright on your work.
happy poem writing.