Friday, February 6, 2009

untitled poem

This poem is untitled, not for any real reason but i just wanted to have an untitled poem, lol. Well actually i wanted to name it after the girl it was written for but now i think i will just keep it a mystery for certain readers of my blog know who she is...

Maybe one day
when I'm old and gray,
I'll comprehend
but right now I am confused,
and can no longer pretend.
Maybe when
I'm sitting in my rocking chair
it will all make sense.
Now it's all foreign to me,
although you speak in my mother's tongue
your words just sound so wrong.
for when I hold your hand
I feel it in my heart,
more and more reason
why I can't understand.
And now it's affecting my health,
I can't eat, can't sleep
night after night...week after week.
I close my eyes, I see your face
wake up at nights
longing, hoping, wishing
for your warm embrace,
this reality should be the dream
for this can't be what it seems.

by Delroy "Nest@" Williams

maybe someone can give me an appropriate title

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