Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Father failed me

No, this isn't a blog post or poem about my father or his adventures during my youth, but it is a call to authorities that be to look at the situation of the sons of our soil (Dominica) because there is a very serious social issue that is not giving enough or any substantial attention. So last night while reading a book I came across a line that spoke out to me and immediately I grabbed pen and paper, which is always conveniently next to the bed (never know when a good idea pops up in the middle of the night) and as usual the thoughts just flowed.

This poem isn't really about internalized thoughts or experiences as is with a lot of the other poems that I have written because although my father left a lot to be desired from his parenting skills, he did do a very good job with no experience with the task at hand and he only once chance to get it right. Yes, I consider myself an only child, well at least I was an only child during my childhood (on my father's side... he only had two other children when I was already grown 21 or 22).

I didn't come out too bad but I can be described as one of the lucky ones because there are thousands of young men here who havent escaped and have fallen through the cracks of our inadequate social system. There are a number of reasons why these young men seem to falter through childhood unto adulthood but that will probably be examined later on in another post, but I would like to share this poem, written last night:

Father Failed Me

They should have noticed
the silence before the storm
and now the silence has returned
after the tempest's destruction
souls hardened, veins cold, eyes constricted
yes, absentee father, your planted this seed

Killing all hope
dream-dazed, dreams choked
reality all up in a blaze
no water to quench the fire's thirst
for father has failed
and now son is worst

Prison record passed
from father to son
not hard work, commitment or patience
lifelines of generations past
but rash, harsh words
scarring the soul
As the world turns

Sons slipping beyond rescue
everyday the situation compounded
society dumbfounded
no answers to the questioned posed
where to start? where to look?
to the "wine"; to the rope
as his last, best hope

too late, too late
society has sealed his fate
and now mother cries
because mother tried
while father hides

by Delroy "Nesta" Williams

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