Monday, February 16, 2009

Many Moods of My Love: Beyond Comparison

The young, up and coming poets of Dominica put on a show to remember last night at the Alliance Francaise before an appreciative crowd. Poetry writing in the island state has been a underground activity and finally some persons where able to showcase their writing abilities because of the National Youth Council and Free Expressions Poetry Company initiative.

There were a number of memorable moments and despite no PA system, the show had a real romantic feeling with cupids, hearts, balloons and other decorative pieces setting the perfect ambiance for the performance of love poems.

I can still hear the laughter, cheer and finger snapping of the crowd as they were wooed by the competitors, guest poets and especially during the open mic. Ameka Cognet's delivery of Silent Words for My Valentine and Delroy Williams' plea "Can I?" were clear crowd pleasers.

Poetry, if promoted properly, surely has a place within the small performing arts world in Dominca and all should be done to harness the talents and writing skills of the emerging generation of young poets and story tellers.

The show, however, was to display the works from the competition, The Next Great Love Poem, and Kamarsha Sylvester won with her piece Beyond Comparison, with Ameka Cognet's Silent Words for My Valentine in second place and Lien Philogene's Expression's of Love taking third place.

So here is the piece from Miss Sylvester, winner of the Competition:

You’re the sun baby; you surpass the others by far
For you’re way brighter than any ordinary star
As a matter of fact, they could never be on par
Cuz you’re like a Rolls Royce amongst the Hondas
If you were a plant, you’d be a black rose
Rare and precious like pure gold
And if you were a farm, you’d be the Garden of Eden
For you’re so perfect, man you’re God-given
It’s said that there are Seven Wonders of the World but I’ve proven them wrong
For there’s actually eight, and baby you’re number one
And if you were music, you’d be soul
The only genre that forms part of mans whole
You’re like a beautiful dove in the company of pigeons
As a result it’s impossible for you to blend in
For you’re way superior, ooh you’re a perfect ten
Unequalled, incomparable, mmm, mmm, mmm that’s my man!

I was hoping she was talking about me but it wasnt so...


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